The company was founded in 1988 by Captain Carlo Viola to serve the transport needs of Industrial Clients and Global Forwarders. Kestrel Italia is the agent in Italy for heavy lift carriers Jumbo Shipping and Roll Group, well known in the market for meeting any transportation challenge.

Our main activity is centered around “super heavy lift” cargo and project co-ordination. This new setup and the synergy we have created within our network allows us to cover a market niche which gives us a 360° coverage of the highest segment in the specialized project cargo market by combining Lo-Lo, Ro-Ro and Flo-Flo capabilities. As part of our service to our Clients we provide each movement with cargo-supervision by our own experienced team, devising stow and securing plans in the office, then attending on the quay.

To cover our clients’ needs, when specialized tonnage is not required, we are able to utilize the tonnage of our many other ship owner friends which allows us to service economically, a wide range of clients whether their cargo is for one voyage or an extended contract. All shipments receive the same careful attention. Due to several projects undertaken in the Russian – Siberia and Caspian region in the last few years, we have successfully started a partnership with Volgo Baltic Logistics, which has enabled us to offer a full range of transport services on inland water ways, both for sea-river vessels and barges.

The destinations of these projects in Russia/Siberia/Caspian which have been subject to severe weather conditions and tight time scheduling, have given us considerable experience in dealing with these demands. Thanks to the partnership with our sister company Kestrel Logistics, we are also capable of providing freight forwarding services and multi-modal transportation solutions for voluminous cargo, either by weight, size or quantity, or composed of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled.